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Kickass Connections, Experiences and Opportunities for Students



SaaS Platform to Manage Your Employment Needs.



Multi Channel Order, Purchase & Inventory Management With Simple Accounting Solution



User intelligence platform that serve as you want



Get Your Team In Sync



Blockchain service offerings help you market faster

Best business intelligence dashboards

World's 1st SaaS based and fully functional social networking platform built on blockchain & AI

Providing businesses default market research, market surveys, free jobs dashboard, free events dashboard, free patent pending BI and Analytics Dashboard, Free Projects Dashboard and many more.

Socialyk platform provides socially segmented and functionality based tools that allows users to better connect with each other, ability to run surveys, feasibility studies & market researches. Log onto Socialyk to learn more about how we can help your businesses.

Partners include Rhiti Group, Ranchi Rays, Google, Amazon etc. Our goal is to bring more than 80% of businesses globally online by 2021.


Discover people, topics, blogs, jobs, projects, events, companies, offers, reviews, leaders and conversations going around globally. Conversations, searches and activities remain archived in scratch pad and can be revisited in future.


Feel the pulse of your post and share brand marketing in real time. Create canvases for every occasion. Manage discussion with various groups,based on different activities, events or subjects.


In depth analysis of your content and campaigns. Socialyk is on a mission to make your online communication fully functional and unbiased. Analyse the problem in your marketing activities with our audience based marketing tools for businesses.

A fully functional networking platform

Socialyk allows businesses to run marketing activities as per the audience and customer type. Focused on Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities within BRICS and APAC. The users are evenly balanced on Socialyk. 90% of users signed up happen to be within 18-28 years. M:F ratio is divided 65:35. Our pricing is simple and we charge users only for results and their marketing goals. We are practically giving the users control of their choices and social data. Back to them

On Socialyk, you can control the actions around your marketing activities and ensure better results. Hell yeah, running a market research, market survey or say even sharing a sensitive document is not going to cost you. Looking for cost optimization and better profit margins and return on Investment around marketing activities; Sign up on Socialyk to know more.

Join an inspiring student community from across campuses and different disciplines

We are on a mission to connect 100 million students with each other, academia and companies across the world. Our mobile and web platform helps students find connections, experiences and opportunities for their talent and careers.
We are a team blending design, technology and communities to make the education ecosystem more open, connected and collaborative.

  • Intership, Jobs and Project Finder

  • College Finder

  • Courses, Event and Competitors Finder

  • Connection with Mentors and influencers

  • Networking and collaboration tools

  • Incubator for student project and startups

Solutions from CD

Solutions for Brands

Consulting, design and execution of custom campus connect programs for hiring and marketing goals. Comprising sponsored digital online and on campus activations

Solutions for Students

Marketplace for buying premium opportunities and resources for learning, career development and innovation - workshops, courses and paid services for students

Student Programs / Properties

Best Social Networking platforms

We’re enabling companies with Digital HR.

People all over the world are choosing Employrr because it’s powerful, flexible and very easy to use. Killer features of Employrr.

Best business intelligence dashboards

Curated Result

No more fake jobs and candidate profiles. Everything is verified.

Product leader in social networking

Job Contest

Changing how activity based hiring saves the pain of bad hiring.

Product leader in productivity platform

Referral Jobs

Referral Jobs automated and can be easily integrated in your system.

Best Big Data Firm

Reviews and Ratings

All work and no BS around reviews and ratings. Unbiased.

Best big data analytics

Advanced Filters

What if your filters allowed you to chose who not to hire?

Best business intelligence softwares

Tracking System

Save every minute with automated and advanced tracking of applicants.

Product leader in new technologies


We understood it was high time HR's started using analytic tools.

Best business intelligence softwares

Customised Notification

Choose whatever and however you want to be notified.

Artificial intelligence – human supported Employrr is backed 24/7 by dedicated, human agents, ensuring an AI that actually works.

The Algrithms

Our system searches on multi-level function, location and industry characteristics, together with keyword.

Talent Bank

The heart of our service is a talent bank of pre-screened job seekers that can be sent to you upon signing up.

Job Board Network

Our network of specialist job boards, chosen for their relevance to the role at hand and prior delivery of successful candidates.

Best Cloud computing firm
Best business intelligence softwares

Smart Recruitment deploys a unique blend of technology and hands-on service to deliver the best person.

Product leader in new technologies

Choose where you want your jobs to be highlighted majorly

Product leader in social networking

Choose what you want to use in Employrr, Hire, induct or manage.

Product leader in productivity platform

Our platform is tested to save an hour per candidate

Cloud based accounting and ERP platform

Cloud based accounting and ERP platform

Accounts payable

It allows you to cut checks,record entries, invoices, reconcile purchase orders and analyze reports and also allows you to have track report which can be integrated with your business data.

Accounts payable analyze and reports

Accounts receivable

Faster paying accounting platform to automatically generate record and take payments transactions.

Accounts receivable payment and transaction


SMB’s, Chargebooks makes it easier to expenses, approve, submit, process,and manage expenses – which saves both your time and money.


Manages employee payrolls and simplifies filing taxes, staying compliant and paying employees.

payroll inventory


Re-pricing, replenishing, Tracking or just balancing inventory costs and benefits, Chargebooks lets you find and use easily all the information which you need.

Manage Inventory & Scale Intelligently

Full Inventory Control

Accurately track & update inventory across all sales channels & warehouse locations.

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss

The Profit and Loss report it provides shows you with the list of data such as Cost of Goods Sold and Product income accounts those are associated with the inventory-enabled Product/Service items.

Cross-Depatmental Unification

From planning to allocation, align your teams with our automated & centralized solution.

Manage Inventory & Scale Intelligently


Personalized News publishing site

Personalised News

No one can read all the news that’s published every day, so why not set up your page to show you the stories that best represent your interests ?

receive weekly, daily news alerts


You can sign up to receive weekly, daily or as-it-happens email alerts on any topic that interests you.

News for your mobile phone

News for your mobile phone

If you have a mobile data plan, you can access a special version of Peprfeed News right from your mobile phone.

subscribing to RSS or Atom feed


You can receive updates of various sections of Peprfeed search results by subscribing to RSS or Atom feeds in your favorite feed reader.

News archive search

News archive search

Search and explore information from historical archives dating back over 200 years.

Peprfeed, where you can find everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.

We’re also the publisher of Peprfeed, which for more than 5 years has been the premier print publication for entrepreneurs and business owners. We’ll class global coverage that’s relevant to the Indian audience, along with articles, reviews and features that are created specifically keeping the Indian reader in mind. Over time, we’ll also be collaboration with tech experts across the country to provide diverse opinions regarding the latest development in the tech world.

print publication for enterpreneurs
Live cricket scores, catch every breaking news

Never miss a thing choose the News without any Ads

Get Live cricket scores, catch every breaking news or monitor stock market activity; along with notifications for stories that matter to you.

Articles are instantly available in the XpressView mode, even when you are offline!

Customise your reading experience by choosing from 18+ interest areas

Companies love Convask for easy project management

Convask is a leading easy-to- use project management platform which is helpful in planning, reporting, tracking projects. Convask is ideal for both experienced and first time project managers to effectively and successfully manage business projects.

Real Time business Feeds

Faster & Real Time Feeds

Inbuilt Productivity App

Inbuilt Productivity App

Manage Projects & Team

Manage Projects & Team

Flat Rates

Flat Rates

Organize everything with Project Management Platform made for Start-ups and SMB's

Business, project and task management focused features on Convask

Open User Invitaion

Open User Invitation

Project Based Connection

Project Based Connection

Inbond Project News

Inbound Project News

Realtime Notification

Realtime Notification

Realtime Messaging

Realtime Messaging

Task Counter

Task Counter

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Unlimited Projects for Free

Unlimited Projects for Free

World Class IT Solutions provider

ITMRD is the services arm of INtelliber Technologies. ITMRD provides business consulting and technology services to companies globally with their IT needs in core areas like software engineering, mobile application development, automation, cyber security, Business Process Management, Design thinking and Consulting.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Software Development

Software Development

Design & Animation

Design & Animation

Emerging Technology Services

Emerging Technology Services

Testing & Quality Analysis

Testing & Quality Analysis

IT Consulting