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What Socialyk do ?

Socialyk is Worlds 1st human centric platform which fully functional social networking platform. It allows you to get socialized, if you are a job seeker Socialyk let you find you the right job without easily or if you are a recruiter or employer than it will help you to find the right talent for the job. You can create your company profile or come with some offers and discounts over the same platform. You can have a review of everything it is a product or a company get to know what it does and how it works everything through Socialyk’s review section. You can even get to know about any events prevailing whether it is shows, celebrations, product launch anything will here right away in the Event category.

How to sign up for a Socialyk account ?

To creating an account on Socialyk :

  • Go to
  • You will see a signup form at your right side, you need to fill out your name, email address or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
  • After you have fill the form click on Sign Up Now button.
  • To complete your account creation you need to confirm your email or your mobile phone number.

Having problem look at the video

How are the benefits of using Socialyk ?

The world first AI based networking platform Socialyk provides you with :

  • Market segmentation which help you to better understand your market
  • User segmentation which provides better understanding of the user’s perspective for a product or service
  • Review which provide better understanding and its pros and cons
  • Jobs that provides an interesting job for you
  • You get best ever market research through Socialyk’s unique analytics
  • Get the best market survey
  • Best place for online advertisement

Campus Diaries

What Campus Diaries do ?

Campus Diaries let you have :

  • Find the best internships for students
  • Provides career opportunities for students like Paid internships, Work from home internships,Campus Ambassador programs, Scholarships, Freelancing/Part time jobs, Campus placements etc.
  • Find The Right College For You
Which course to join? How Campus Diaries can help me to find ?

If you are getting stressed about how to build your profile and which project and internship is best suited then Campus Diaries helps you to attain best opportunities and take the best decisions in terms of your academic career.

How do I add or decrease users ?

If you are getting stressed about how to build your profile and which project and internship is best suited then Campus Diaries helps you to attain best opportunities and take the best decisions in terms of your academic career.

With the help of CD’s web and mobile platform are able to connect with the students of different discipline and campus with each other with the mentors, companies and educational institutions around the world.

  • You can have information about the colleges, activities, people and their culture on demand.
  • You are able to know about the work and experience of students coming from different campuses and connect you with them.
  • You can even create your profile over Campus Diaries page and find the best internship, jobs and work opportunities to boost your career.
  • You can even find and attend college events, festivals, workshops and competitors.
What are benefits of using Campus Diaries ?

Campus Diaries provides you with the following features :

  • Let you create your profile: You are able to list your experience and achievements and even can publish your work. You can easily build your resume easily and manage tools that let you create best demonstration of recruiters, peers and other opportunities.
  • College and University pages: You can find any university, college or schools and know all the latest updates, activities and admission information related to them.
  • Create stories: You can write the blog of your work, ideas and your experience with the help of images, text and videos. Get the feedback and share it over social networks.
  • Opportunities: You can get the best opportunities among the top recruiters in terms of part time jobs, full time jobs, internship, research assistance and campus ambassadors.
  • Events and courses: You can find and register for the best events, courses and workshops over the campus in order to develop new talents and develop yourself. You even get the discounts on paid events and courses.
  • Search filters: You can search for colleges, Universities, internships, batchmates, jobs, and events to provide you with curated jobs.


What are the benefits of using Employrr ?

There are many benefits of using Employrr :

  • You get curated jobs for both freshers as well as professionals. This means that you will get the maximum quality job search or suggestions which are being made to you.
  • You will get better referrals and discover employee referred jobs via genuine connections, career services which are recommended to employers to job seekers.
  • The contest allows the jobseekers and professionals to get their dream job for the dream companies.
  • You can hire top talents within your timeline and only the best candidates can identified by the algorithms and curated by humans and you are ready for the interview. Finding and hiring talents is very challenging situation thus we hire smart teams who can understand how to create pitch for the order and make top hiring.
  • How to search to get relevant jobs ?

    You can find relevant jobs on the basis of specific requirements and to search for a job must use the search window to search for the job. It is recommended that you should specify the keywords and your preferred location with your experience in the industry in order to access job search which will be close to what you are looking for. In case you get hundreds of results you can narrow down your search by specifying the criteria. If you does not find any result then it is recommended that you can broaden your search just by entering into limited number of criteria.

    How can I create a Profile ?

    You need to login on for creating your profile. After you have logged into your account you will see dummy image on the left side which you need to click, here you get some options. Among them click on the profile option. This profile option will redirect you to your Personal Information page where you can edit and add information.

    What is job posting ? What all things can be done with Job Posting Solution ?

    When it is urgent for you to fill a position then time is money. And every minute is worthy. And you need the most qualified job seekers for the post. For this you need to efficiently manage the incoming CVs and select the right person for the job thus you need an easy and reliable solution. This is what for which you are posting job on, which efficiently delivers you cost effective online hiring.

    How to post a job on

    Posting a job on Employrr is very easy, you just need to follow these steps to manage one :

    • Firstly you need to register for an account on Employrr at Recruiter where you need to add your username and password.
    • This will send a confirmation email which you need to confirm for completing your signup process and this will redirect you to Employrr login page.
    • You just need to fill the username and password and you are done.
    How to browse different jobs from search ?

    You can browse and search for options which is relevant and is based on your specific job requirement. You can find the job on the basis of different categories, browse option, category specific search. Also there are a number of options which you can use to enhance your search.


    What does Peprfeed do ?

    Online newspaper and magazine publishing software Peprfeed is a software service which let you quickly and easily publish your own news, magazine, blogs or articles online. You can even upload your stories online and organize your stories on the channels. Perfeed includes everything that are required to manage your online publication of news contents online. You can setup your news site today on Peprfeed to create your news contents, post articles, ads, photos and blogs.

    What makes Peprfeed different ?

    Peprfeed takes care of everything which let you focus on creating wonderful contents :

    • Power of news: Let you create and publish contents such as articles, images, opinions etc.
    • Publish for FREE: You need not to pay anything to publish your content on Peprfeed and start publishing for free.
    • Peprfeed not only provides you with the place where you can publish awesome contents but also you can get to read, get to know about new and amazing contents too.


    What does Convask do ?

    Convask provides you with online task management features that lets you do work faster. It lets you store personal to-do list and effectively help team to collaborate all in one in place at real time. It is a brilliant software to improve the productivity with easy task management for every projects. With the help of this online task manager you can manage your work remotely with any hassle. You can your team can update projects, tasks and files over the web from mobile phone anywhere anytime.

    How Convask is beneficial for my business ?

    Here are some of the essential benefits of using Convask in your business :

    • You get to have planned project
    • You can track project completion, time and cost all in one
    • You can schedule and manage time
    • Allocation of resources
    • Setting up budget and cost of people
    • Have communication and collaboration between the team members over project
    • Budget management for controlling important items in a project
    • Sharing of documents to enable transparency and communication
    • Help in better decision making

    Project management software- Convask provides all the necessary and helpful options for your organization especially if you have to work on complex reporting or product development and other distinct advantages.

    Is Convask free ?

    Yes! The basic version of Convask is totally free but when you have an enterprise version where you need to get benefit of some of the more features like more space, more functional apps then the contact us to have customized Convask features.

    How to add more features to your Convask ?

    We pay attention to every feedback we receive on daily basis thus adding changes or improve your Convask functionality you can contact us at

    Which browser does Convask support ?

    Convask works with all the modern web browsers, recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 10+.


    What does ITMRD do ?

    ITMRD helps the entrepreneur’s to get benefits of IT services in their business. ITMRD is a global provider of consultancy, Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. Company is focused on delivering values through integrated solutions for data intensive business process that helps the enterprises to overcome business challenges. We play as a strategic partner in order to transform your data driven enterprise and empower them to take advantage of digital revolution in innovation to grow. We provide a cutting edge of technology in order to improve performance to accelerate time to market new products and services, enhance customer responsibilities, productivity and efficiency in business process. Our some of the features includes :

    • IT service strategies development
    • Market research and analysis
    • Competitive research and analysis
    • Cloud Computing
    • Cyber Security
    • Software Engineering solutions
    • Business Process Outsourcing services provide
    What is the price of the services which you provide ?

    Generally we have pre-determined and fixed fees structure, over applied conditions.

    We have IT employees. What can you do for us ?
    • Many of our commercial client’s exhibits IT staffs. If you also already have IT employees, we work with them to relieve the daily responsibilities so that they can focus over larger projects. It allows the existing IT staffs to work more efficiently, saves your time and money.
    • We offer you with customized IT plans based on your technology needs.
    • You can even customize your plan on the basis of what facilities you need and according to your budget.
    What is the benefits of ITMRD and our business solutions ?
    • You always need IT support for your business
    • You can save a lot of money on products, we use the best in software
    • Maximum efficiency even you are on site and even remote support
    • We efficiently manage problems before they affect your business
    How ITMRD can help to reach business goals ?

    ITMRD help you and your team to reach all your business goals. With valuable long-term relationship for clients we work closely with your business that ensure that you have resources need to attain successful business goals.

    • Our professionals understand your IT needs and provide you more awesome strategies that ley you attain your business objectives.
    • Our experts even train your staffs with the new technologies, provide you support that are required to keep your IT needs up and running.